Ankur Kedia




Toggle dark mode of a page in a blink

Change to dark mode using blink detection with TensorFlow and face landmark detection model

9 Nov, 20214 min read

Gear up your React codebase with Prettier and ESLint Automation

Improve your React code quality and commits with Prettier, ESLint, Husky and Commitlint

6 Sep, 20214 min read

Simplifying State Management with React Hooks using Zustand

Navigating basic state management with Hooks API feat. Zustand

27 May, 20214 min read

DIY: Writing custom React Hooks to perform async operations

How to create your own useFetch hook to make API calls.

6 Oct, 20203 min read

Flutter hands on: Building a News App

Building a news app with Flutter and Firebase.

26 Dec, 20177 min read

TypeScript in CRNA

Creating a boilerplate for adding TypeScript to CRNA

20 Sep, 20174 min read